Korykos Villa - a little bit of heaven

How to come here?

Flight, bus, car or boat? Your choice...

The most common way to come here is probably by flight to Adana International Airport, 120km away.

Turkish Airlines is operating all over the world and is no.1 choice for you coming from outside Europe.
Pegasus Airlines is a very good option for european travellers, be early with your booking and you can find really good prices.

Transfer from airport can be arranged by us, as well as renting a car for a very reasonable price.
Bus (dolmus) route is very developed in Turkey, so you have the possibility to take the bus as well. Choose first bus to Mersin and then change to Silifke, next stop after Kizkalesi is Akkum beach, only 200m from our house.

Flight to Antalya is also an option if you're renting a car. The motorway from Antalya to Adana offers extraordinary scenery: driving with abrup cliffs straight down into the sea, on one side, and Taurus mountains on the other side. The distance is 320km and the way is very good, but due to the tight curves, you might need about 8 hours drive.